My time in-front of the camera!!

As a make-up artist and hair stylist, I’m used to being on film sets- but today was a different story!!
To continue my leap into the world of an ‘expert’ I was booked as a guest presenter/expert for Britain’s favourite shopping channel QVC !!
The item I was lucky enough to be introducing to the nation was a mini hair straightener- the type that I always have in my kit, as well as my handbag!
Arriving at QVC was quite nerve wracking- I had visited the set many times in their original Battersea home, but today I would be working at their new custom built studios in Chiswick, which are absolutely stunning! Think modern glass rooms, floor to ceiling screens and super cool lighting!
Once I was shown to my dressing room and green room the nerves disappeared and the excitement kicked in!! Luckily for me, I was sharing my room with the lovely Hilary Barnett, who looked after me and showed me the ropes!
Before I knew it, I was in the sound department getting ‘miked up’ and ready to go live with the lovely presenter Debbie Flint, who really helped to calm my pre-show niggles!

My time on air flew by! Luckily I felt very relaxed and almost at home on set, and was pretty gutted when the director yelled cut! I hope to return to QVC very soon- especially when the dressing rooms are this pretty- a make-up artists dream!!!

Here is a small snippet from the show!

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