Vauxhall Fashion Scout- DAS Collection

It seems a shame not to feature any of the upcoming designers at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, so I thought it would be good to introduce my favourite. DAS Collection, which was launched in 2008 by sisters Reem and Hind Beljafla.
I have always admired Alek Wek, and it was fantastic to see her open the show on Monday at Freemasons Hall.
The collections rich jewel colour palette was paired with luxurious silk fabrics, and elaborate gold jewellery.
Alek’s make-up was kept very simple- dewy and neutral, in comparison to the other models 1950’s inspired winged liner and classic red lips. All make-up was provided by Body Shop.  Models hair was slicked back, with a short centre part, into a neat top knot. A look that funnily enough Robyn was rocking on Monday too- how very fashion forward of her!!
Image- Vauxhall Fashion Scout

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