My nerve wracking first show for OPI

Before I knew it the 1st December had sprung upon me, and my first show for OPI was here!
After a busy morning in So Coco Rouge I headed down to the QVC studios in Chiswick, London.
Once I arrived I was ushered into my dressing room, narrowly avoiding being caught on camera pre make-up! As it was a Saturday, they decided to film some of the experts in their dressing rooms and green room, to talk about what their ideal Christmas gift would be. Thankfully, I managed to escape this part!
I was excited to discover my dressing room was located next to John Barrowmans- who you could definitely hear way before you saw him! He was such a character, and entertained everyone backstage and on screen for hours on end!

Although I was scheduled to be on air at 11pm, you are required to be in the QVC studios two hours prior. During this time, we are preparing ourselves and the products for the show, and ensuring the set looks good on camera. So lots goes on backstage during that time!
Once this is all done, its time to get glammed up!! Luckily, Katy who works from the So Coco Rouge salon, had kindly offered to paint my nails the night before in the stunning Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine! with a touch of Save Me glitter over my ring finger. So, all I have to do was nourish my cuticles with my Avoplex favourites!

Then it was time to hit the air! The wonderful presenter Debbie Flint, who I worked with earlier this year, once again instantly calmed my nerves when she sat beside me.
The OPI 10 Piece Discovery Collection I was introducing was fantastic value and packed full of goodies! 4 mini lacquers from  the AW12 Germany collection- featuring creamy nude Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, Deep Olive Grey Nein Nein Nein Ok Fine, Metallic Purple Suzi and the 7 Dussledorfs and Deep Sapphire Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue. Plus the limited edition Save Me Glitter from this years Nicki Minaj collection, which you can use alone or as a top coat over the other shades- perfect for your Christmas party!
The collection also contains 5 of OPI’s best selling treatments! Nail strengtheners Nail Envy and QVC exclusive PINK Nail Envy, plus my favourites Avoplex Cuticle Oil, Chip Skip and Rapi Dry Top Coat.

Thanks for everyone’s support leading up to my first show, and thanks to you all for watching!

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