No7 Stay Perfect Lip Stain

When you are a lipstick devotee like myself, you are always on the hunt for the latest miracle product offering that perfect pout all day long.

When I heard that my beloved No7 were launching a lip stain, in a design similar to a felt tip pen, I was intrigued. In the past I have tried Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer, which, due to the liquid formula is rather tricky to apply. Especially if, like me, you are always late and tend to rush your lippy application on a moving train!! They are also not to be used in situations involving wine. Trust me on this one girls!

Available in five shades, ranging from a pretty nude to a striking red, with plum pinks in-between, there is a Stay Perfect Lip Stain shade for every cosmetic eventuality. 

These slim double-ended pens feature the stain on one end and a moisturising clear lip balm on the other. As a women with minimal handbag space, this is a win win situation.
 No7 have also cleverly created a ‘double lid’ to the stain end- meaning that even if the cap comes off, the nib itself won’t be damaged or dry out! The team over at No7 are obviously very intelligent indeed!


Being a red lip obsessive, I dived straight for ‘Ruby’-  a pink toned red. 

The pointed nib makes for precise application and I’m sure most of you can achieve a perfect edge to your lips using it. But if, like me you have an uneven lip line or you haven’t got the most steady of hands, you may find it beneficial to apply a lip liner in a similar shade before hand. 
Remember, this is a stain- meaning one small slip, and you may resemble a child who has drank far too much cherryade. Definitely not the desired effect!

Merely seconds after application, the stain has dried, leaving my lips with a pretty red flush yet feeling like there is nothing on them at all! The beauty of these stains, is that you can re-apply for added depth of colour- something I have been unable to do with previous purchases, as it has tended to feel sticky and overloaded.

As with all lip stains, my lips quickly feel dry, but after a slick of the clear balm my lips are re-hydrated and left with a subtle sheen rather than a heavy gloss. It’s essential to reapply the balm throughout the day not only to prevent dryness, but this also helps to keep your colour even.

After 12 hours of wear, 2 meals and endless glasses of water, I’m pleased to say my lips are still looking perfectly polished!

Looks like I may have found another favourite to my red lip collection!

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