Illamasqua Paranormal Collection

This week saw the much anticipated launch of the latest collection from creative make-up brand Illamasqua. Celebrating individuality once again, this collection features not only vibrant tones but Ultra Violet formulas too. 
A selection of the Paranormal imagery created by Illamasqua

The item I’d heard most about was the innovative nail polishes- vibrant neon shades, which brightly glow under UV light. You can guarantee these will be seen on every fashionista’s fingertips at the key festivals this summer- starting with mine at this weeks Liverpool Sound City!

Available in the fushia pink ‘Ouija’,  vibrant violet ‘Seance’ and bright green ‘Omen’-(similar to the shade sported by Jessie J on this series of The Voice) this polish is perfect for sunny days aswell as raving nights! Not a fan of brights? Then UV Top Coat’ Geist’ is for you- simply apply over any polish for the same glow effect!

Paranormal Collection

Next up is the Paranormal Palette. As a make-up artist, I prefer to carry my products in handy palettes like this- not only does it reduce weight it also saves us lots of time hunting for the right item! So, whenever a new palette item is released I’m itching to get my hands on them!

These eyeshadows have a texture like no other. They have the vibrancy, and initial feel of a cream but blend seamlessly like a powder. As the formula is silicone based it is also water resistant and long wearing- once again perfect for the Glastonbury showers! The quirky shades look super bright, but on application actually offer a softer wash of colour than expected- making them wearable for most occasions. I especially adore the pink and orange tones, which actually seem a little more pigmented than the green and violet- maybe this is the summer I will really adopt the bright trend?!

I’ll be trying a simple wash of one of these shades over my eyelid and lower lash line, finishing with a strong line (or in my case-flick!) of Precision Eye Gel- another long lasting waterproof formula that delivers a deep, rich black shade.

The one item in the collection I will probably never be brave enough to try is Posture and ESP- two new purple lipsticks. Posture is a beautiful cool violet, whilst ESP is a deeper, vivid tone with a matte finish. I will definitely consider using these in my professional work, but for me?
 I think I am best sticking to my beloved reds!

And what should we be teaming with our new brighter eyes, lips and nails? 
A flawless complexion of course!
That’s where Hydra Veil comes in- a lightweight gel packed with anti-oxidant marine algae, which instantly re-hydrates skin and reduces the appearance of redness.
Apply before make-up, focusing on any dehydrated areas, and follow with Skin Base Foundation for a flawless, radiant finish. Finish by buffing Gleam cream in Supernatural onto cheeks for a sun kissed bronze glow.

Once again Illamasqua has created a collection most of us will be head over heels for.
And in the words of the genius’s themselves?
‘After all why be normal, when you can be Paranormal?’

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