Benefit They’re Real Mascara

There is nothing I like more than receiving a freebie with my monthly glossy- and this month I was one happy girl indeed when the postie dropped Elle through my letter box!
Not only did the cover star a sexy yet androgynous looking Miley Cyrus, hiding in the bottom corner was a tasty little treat for us make-up junkies.

The UK’s Number 1 selling mascara, Benefit ‘They’re Real’.

Image- Benefit Cosmetics

I have been tempted to use this mascara since it was launched, but after not being 100% happy with the result of Benefits famous mascara ‘Bad Girl Lash’ back in 2005 I was wary. At £19.50 it isn’t a majorly expensive purchase in comparison to some brands, but when the Max Factor mascara I know and trust is half the price, its hard to break free!

So, lucky for me, Elle has granted me a week long trial before I commit to making it a more permanent fixture in my daily routine!

What does this mascara offer our lashes then?
Try lengthening, volumizing, lifting, curling and separation for starters.
Add a unique domed brush head, complete with plastic bristles and a long lasting, smudge proof formula and there you have the recipe for luscious lashes all night long.

Following my daily technique- wiggling the brush from side to side as I comb the mascara from root to tip and grabbing the corner lashes with the tip of the brush- my first observation was to how wet the brush was. Usually this would indicate an overload of product, but my lashes stayed surprisingly clump free. 

My short lashes definitely appeared longer, lifted and more defined. But thicker?
Not as much as my sparse lashes need. In fact, I was even tempted to sneak my Max Factor fave out of my bag and add a coat to bulk them out a touch.

Two Coats of They’re Real mascara

And I can hand on heart say it most certainly is. 

 The final claim that Benefit make is that this mascara is long lasting and smudge free.
How do I know?

Well, I was a very naughty girl and after 11 hours of beautifying the whole of Liverpool in So Coco Rouge, followed by a friends Birthday BBQ, I collapsed in a sober heap, full face of make-up in place.

Waking 8 hours later, I discovered that not only was my floral pillowcase make-up free (this is usually not the case on a Sunday morning) I, for once, did not resemble a panda. 

24 hours later….

So, most importantly- will I be making the purchase? 

Probably not for day to day use, as I definitely need a bit more thickness to my lashes, but for holidays and long work days, I will most certainly be pulling this little gem out of the bag.
The eyeliner I am still rocking 24hours later is No7 Stay Perfect, but we’ll talk more about this soon!

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