Liverpool Media Interview

Well here is a blast from the past!

This interview was printed way back in 2010 in LSMedia magazine after I worked with the lovely Rose Gallager, who most of you will know from Mixed Gem’s, on a student fashion event!

Interview with Sian-Louise Auld, Liverpool based make-up artist

by Emma Huckerby

Lady Gaga is, perhaps, one of the most striking, dominating and creative women in music at the moment. And on first impressions what, exactly, do we, as the ever judgemental audience, see? Well, exactly this. Take away the clothes (although admittedly Gaga can be prone to wearing little, if any, at the best of times) and one is still given the image of this particular woman. And it can be argued that this specific image is all down to Lady Gaga’s entourage of makeup artists and hair stylists. Immense false eyelashes, glittering and pouting lips, intricate hairstyles…it’s a major slice of what the Gaga brand is all about. So it is no wonder, then, that getting highly expressive with one’s makeup and hair, is becoming increasingly popular. And also no wonder why Lady Gaga herself, is admired by makeup artist Sian Louise Auld Here, in our exclusive interview, Sian divulged her advice for looking utterly gorgeous, how she experiments with her own makeup, whilst also allowing us to have a peak at one of the favourite ‘looks’ she created through makeup…

Emma-    Which celebrities do you recognise as having idyllic hair and make up, and why?
Sian-   I personally, like most of us, really love Lady GaGa’s hair and make-up in her videos- its so way out and individual! Make-up artist and Illamasqua Creative Director, Alex Box has fantastic style, make-up and hair too- I’d love to be brave enough to dress like she does every day! 

Would you say that having such a good knowledge of hair and make up allows you to experiment more with your own personal look, or, contrarily, allows you to acknowledge which styles suit you best and stick to them?

A bit of both really! When time isn’t on my side or it’s a special occasion I stick to what I know suits me but when I have a bit more time and going out I like to experiment a bit more! Especially with bold lip and eye colours! A lot of my friend’s are hair and make up artist’s too so its always exciting to see what everyone else is going for!

Talk us through one of your favourite pieces from your portfolio.
I love this image! It was taken in London February 2009, and since then has had pride of place at the front of my book! The photographer was someone whose work I had admired for a long time and was lucky enough to be given the chance of working with her in her hometown of London. The inspiration was Make-up Forever’s Gothic campaign at the time and I used there fabulous products to create the look.

Photographer– Berna V
Model-Rosanna Dimmick at First Model Management
Make-up– Sian-Louise Auld using Make-up Forever 
Stylist– Kati Brugnoli

What general tips would you give to ensure effective make up application?

I always recommend applying your make-up with brushes and spend as much as you can afford on them! I love the MAC brushes, as they are the most reasonable but still amazing quality. My favourites are 190-foundation brush and the 217, 239 and 224 eye shadow brushes.

What general tips would you give for maintaining healthy and well-styled hair?
Regular trims and using good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments for your hair will keep it in good shape. Like make-up brushes, spend as much as you can regularly afford on hair care, which is made especially for your hair type.

Are there any good quality products under £10 that you could recommend to a student on a budget?
 I love max factors products, especially Masterpiece Max mascara (£9.95) and miracle touch foundation (£11.95). No.7 lip liners and glosses are brilliant budget buys too!

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