OPI Nail Envy

Carrying heavy make-up kits, daily typing and the rubbish weather we have had this spring have definitely taken its toll on my poor nails.
Breaking, cracks and splits are a pain to most people- but when you work in the beauty industry it is even more important that your nails look good 24/7!

So, for me its OPI’s hero product, award winner and best seller Nail Envy to the resuce!
Containing hydrolised wheat protein, (which is very similar to Keratin the protein our nails are made of!) calcium and vitamin E, this is one nail strengthener that packs a punch. 

Application is simple- clean your nails of all varnish using a non-acetone nail varnish remover and file nails down to a suitable length. I like mine just over the finger tip, perfect for when I am working around the delicate eye area!!
Nail file wise, I absolutely love the OPI crystal file, which enables you to file in any direction without the risk of causing splits. Be careful not to drop yours though- trust me, they do shatter when dropped on a tiled floor!!!!

1. Apply your first coat of nail envy, which acts as your base coat. 
2. Follow with two coats of your favourite OPI nail lacquer, if you wish
3. Apply a second coat of envy as your top coat
4. Apply another coat of envy every other day 
5.Remove on day 7 and start again!

OPI claim you will see visible results within 4-6 weeks- and they are not wrong!!

I like to use the Original formula, which has a high gloss, but the Matte formula is perfect as the base coat as it ensures your nail lacquer adheres well for a long lasting chip free finish.

The Matte formula is also a favourite amongst men, children and those of us who work in catering or care industries. My mum for instance works for the NHS and the alcohol hygiene gels they constantly use causes havoc with her nails. Using Matte envy protects her nails and creates a healthy looking nail, but it’s completely undetectable. Win win!

If like me, you are a fan of gel polish like OPI Gel Colour or Shellac, its important give our nails some extra TLC in-between appointments. I like to give my nails a break one week a month, treating them to some Nail Envy love, to prepare them for the next gel application. The beauty being I can still wear my favourite red polish whilst treating them!

OPI is available from most UK salons, Boots, John Lewis.
But, for a real bargain, tune into QVC on Sunday 16th June at 12 noon where you will find a fantastic OPI offer to celebrate their latest nomination at this years QVC Customer Beauty Awards!

If like me, you already love Nail Envy, then you can place your vote here!

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