Festival Favourites- Beauty

So our festival make-up is sorted- but what about our pre-festival pamper?
Surely no Festival look is complete without a summer tan and bright nails!

First up its a sun kissed glow. As the UK sunshine has disappeared once again, its back to the bottle we go! And when time is short, its Fake Bake 60 to the rescue!
The latest product from the award winning brand, delivers the natural looking tan we know and love in only 60 minutes. Simply apply the tinted lotion with the mitt provided and leave for 1 hour (or 2-3 hours if you prefer a deeper colour) before showering off. 
Voila- a fortnights holiday tan in your dinner hour!

But what should we do if the sun does finally decide to shine on us?! Which SPF should we turn to? 
For a speedy, non sticky application I LOVE Jane Iredale Mineral SPF. A dry powder which you simply pat onto skin, leaving a gorgeous glow as well as protection from UV rays!

Next, its nails. For the ultimate chip free polish I’d always suggest booking into your favourite salon for OPI Gel or Shellac polish, you could even venture into glitter or nail art!
Nail Art from So Coco Rouge

But, when time and money is tight, there is lots of DIY options around!
I’m a huge fan of OPI Liquid Sand, which delivers a matte finish whilst still packed full of sparkle. There is a great range of shades available- including a summery coral and fuchsia!
All OPI nail lacquers are chip resistant but the matte finish also means its tougher than normal- ideal for the days of lugging camping gear around a muddy field!
For extra longevity apply Chip Skip before your base coat. This removes an excess oil on the nail plate and acts as a primer!

Finally, when it comes to hair removal, especially waxing delicate areas I would highly suggest avoiding a DIY job- I have heard far too many horror stories!! Instead, leave this to the professionals. It’s one thing worth paying a little more for!

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