Festival favourites- Hair

Well now you have your Festival make-up and beauty sorted lets move onto hair!
From the early noughties when Kate Moss and Sienna Miller sported tousled bed-head locks, the words festival hair and boho have gone hand in hand. And when you don’t have a mirror or plug socket in reach, relaxed hair is definitely the way forward!

So where to start?! Well, if your budget allows, I would highly recommend visiting your local salon for a wash and blow dry the day before. If not, use a deep cleansing shampoo twice, to ensure your hair is squeaky clean! After all its going to be a while before its washed again! 

Toni and Guy Cleanse Shampoo is fantastic on virgin and highlighted hair, however if like me, you regularly colour your hair be careful with detox shampoo’s. Just make sure you give your hair a really good scrub! Finish with your usual conditioner.

If you are having your hair blown at a salon, discuss the option of having it blown curly. Hugely popular in our Liverpool salon, So Coco Rouge, this will leave your hair full of bounce and volume which will last for days- especially if you ask to have the curls pinned until you arrive at your camp site!
If you are styling your hair yourself, start by applying a volumising mousse to roots and blow dry straight. Next, take sections around 1 inch thick and wind around either a wand or tong. My favourites are Remington Pearl Curling Wand and Babyliss Glamour Tong. To keep your curls tighter for longer, roll each section back up and pin close to the scalp, leaving for as long as possible. Misting a flexible hold hairspray all over to finish.
Once you are unpacked, with tent set up and a cold cider waiting, un-pin your curls and brush through using your fingers or a soft bristle brush. For extra volume you could also add backcombing at the root and crown area.

Now its time to decorate! Floral crowns are always a popular choice at festivals, I love the range by Rock N Rose – well if it’s good enough for Pixie Lott its good enough for me! These guys have a great selection to choose from- you could easily choose a different one for each day your there!

Don’t forget to pack the festival hair must have Batiste Dry Shampoo. As the days go on, this will not only absorb excess oil but add texture and volume too! Worried about loosing your curls? Try plaiting your hair overnight- this will help to eliminate frizz and keep your waves in place until you get home! 

Know that you will really struggle with your hair? Then head over to the Vanity Van!
Simply book your treatment online before you leave to avoid the queues!

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