I first came across Eyeko, during my first ever QVC show. Whilst enjoying a pre-show cuppa in the green room, I stumbled across a group of stunning models sporting ‘Mascara Wardrobe’ t-shirts gossiping about which type of mascara they would be wearing during the show . A wardrobe of mascaras? This sounds good to me!

As a make-up addict, counting mascara as one of my desert island must haves (small eyes like mine NEED some lifting mascara!) I’m not only fussy about formula but even fussier about the brush applicator.
Luckily for me, over at Eyeko, not only is their formulas paraben free, conditioning and water resistant, they also have a variety of brushes I can choose from!

  • Black Magic  for lift and curl, with a curved brush
  • Skinny Brush for catching even the shortest of lashes, with a straight, slim brush
  • Fat Brush for extra volume and thickness, with a large, dense brush
  • Curvy Brush for a lifter, curled lash, with a unique brush with tiered bristles  

The packaging is also a big plus- these flexiable tubes mean you get to use all the product inside- something that can’t be said of all mascaras! There is nothing more frsutating than trying to get those last 2mls from the bottom of a solid tube with your brush can’t reach!

As an added bonus, this month Marie Claire, are giving away a Skinny Liquid Liner. The slender nib (similar to a felt pen) enables you to create delicate or dramatic feline flicks, with an rich intense colour and 4 shades to choose from!
Plus it’s perfect for this mini heat-wave we are experiencing- this liner will not budge!

So, my tip for the day?! Pop to your local newsagents, pick up a copy, sport a cute 50’s flick then go online and treat yourself to an Eyeko mascara using the extra cheeky discount code inside the mag! Then get out and enjoy the sun! (with SPF applied too of course!)

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