Balance Me Stellar Face Balm

Well it seems our delightful summer sunshine may be slipping away from us, if the thunder storms in Manchester and torrential rain in London are anything to go by!
So luckily, this weeks see’s the majority of children in England breaking up for school holidays, meaning lots of us will be hopping onto a plane and jetting off to a sunnier horizon.

After 3 weeks of sweltering heat, freezing cold air con and no doubt a few too many gin based cocktails, many of us will be suffering from dehydrated skin and dull, dry, flaky complexions. Yuck. 
But, what can we do to combat this in such a short space of time, especially when you want to arrive looking like a Greek Goddess when you touch down in Corfu?! 
Easy- Invest in Balance Me Stellar Face Balm, then sit back and enjoy your flight. 
Available in a handy cabin sized 7ml pot and costing a bargainius £5, you really can’t go wrong.

This nourishing balm counts organic Shea and Mango Seed Butter plus Virgin Coconut and Rosehip Oil, amongst its main ingredients, aswell as neroli and may chang, which help to soothe irritations. For a nightime and flight-time treat, apply generously all over your skin, avoiding the eye area, and leave your skin to soak up the moisture. On awakening/landing, simply tissue off or massage in any excess.

Just like the famed Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, this balm can also be used as a lip balm, cuticle cream or hair smoother and is the perfect tonic for dry, rough heels and elbows. 
But, I know LOTS of you will be happy to know- this has a much more delicate aroma!!

Balance Me, was founded back in 2005 by sisters Rebecca and Claire Hopkins, after deciding to search for a better work/life balance by moving into the cosmetic business. After a year of working from their home kitchens,  business partner, aromatherapist Sian Jones joined the team and the rest is history. Endless awards, products sold nationwide, all whilst bringing up 5 children between them! These women are a force to be reckoned with!

So, your next stop is sumptuous, supple smooth holiday skin.
Simply strap yourself in, listen to the safety announcements and enjoy your flight!

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