Fake Bake Salon Spray Tan

If like me you can’t but help read the hoards of celebrity gossip we are exposed to on a daily basis, then yesterday you probably heard about ex-Corrie actress Helen Flanagans plight for a sun-kissed glow. At 1.30am. Yes, that’s right, she wanted a spray tan at 1.30am. And luckily for Helen a local Fake Bake therapist was happy to accommodate her tanning needs.

Which brought me to thinking about our tanning habits. I am a great celebrator of ‘Pale and Beautiful’ and thanks to vintage icon Dita Von Teese and natural red-head Nicola Roberts, porcelain skin has never been more en vogue, but, I must admit, I do feel much more attractive with a subtle hint of colour. As many of you will know, my best friends got married last weekend, and even as 4 very natural (well, for our hometowns reputation…) girls, even we felt that with a soft sage green bridesmaid dress, a sun kissed glow was an absolute must.  

So, a tanning party at So Coco Rouge was top of the agenda! Using professional tan Fake Bake, our beauty therapist Katy, quickly and simply ‘airbrushed’ our tans, leaving us looking instantly like we’d spend the week in Ibiza (Oh how I wish.)

Personally, what I love about Fake Bake, is the fact it smells divine, is super fast drying and totally transfer resistant, ideal for a lunch time treat. Containing ingredients such as DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose, the formula creates a deep, intense and long lasting tan, so it’s no wonder Fake Bake has been a favourite amongst beauty guru’s and is now a multi award winning brand!

For a flawlessly natural tan, whether it be a salon or home application, its important to exfoliate properly a few hours before. Focus mainly on drier areas such as knees, ankles, elbows and feet, using a loofah or massaging in a circular movement.

Finish with a light layer of moisturiser, and re-moisturise hands, feet and drier areas immediately before your tan application to ensure no patchiness! 

Now even if our Summer heatwave has disappeared for good- we can cheat our way to a delicious holiday tan, with no need for a passport!

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