MUA Fixing Spray

As a make-up artist, working with around 30 brides a year, when I tell them there make-up will be still be in place 12, 16, 24 hours later, I know it will be. I would happily put money on it.

But, when I do my own make-up, all professional technique goes out the window. Whether its my impatience, my boredom of making up ‘that face’ yet again, or not enough care and attention, for some reason I do not apply it like I would a client, or even a friend/ family member for that matter. I am a great believer in using a  ‘layering’ technique when applying make-up (you can read more about this in my Festival Favourites series) but when it’s me, I seem to adopt a much more slap-dash approach.

So when my best friend got hitched a few weeks ago (I promise this will be the last time I mention this- but forgive me, it was my favourite day in my 26 years, so I’m going to talk about it from time to time!! Sorry!) and I knew I had 3 bridesmaids, a blushing bride and a gorgeous mum and nan to make up, I was going to have to be done at the crack of dawn. Either that or I’d be walking down the aisle looking rather bedraggled.

Plus it was one of the hottest weekends we’d had in donkeys years, and I was wearing a pretty impressive mane of extensions. If my make-up needed to avoid meltdown on any day, it was today.

Usually at So Coco Rouge we rely on Make Up Forever Mist and Fix, but knowing we were running low and the salon being busy as ever on a summer Saturday, there was no way of sneaking one into my handbag. So where to turn?!

On a last minute dash to Superdrug, on a hunt of a nude lipgloss (wearing a newly sprayed tan and pin curled hair- there is a lot of prep to being a bridesmaid you know!) I came across MUA Pro Base Make-up Fixing Mist, costing a bargain £5.00. Maybe this could be my savior?!

MUA claim Pro Base Make-up Fixing Mist Fixes your makeup in place all day long. Protects against heat, humidity, cold and windy conditions; whatever your day throws at you – your makeup will hold in place!’

Well, heat, humidity and tears were a definite, so I really did put this to the test- and the result?!
I was seriously impressed.

I applied my make-up at 5am, starting the bridal party at 7am. 
2pm ceremony = still looking perfect
5pm dinner = after a photo session in the sweltering heat, still looking damn good!
8pm party time = Slight touch up needed- nothing major.
2am A night spent dancing and posing in a photo booth = Pretty impressive- still looking good!
6am bedtime and after a few hours of sleep my make-up is still in place when I wake!

MUA state this product should give 8 hours of touch-free wear, but in my experience it offers much more. This also helps to re-hydrate and moisturise the skin, making this also ideal for those with drier skin types or those who like a luminous finish.

A total bargain buy, and one I will definitely be stocking up on!

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