Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner

As much as I love my red locks, the speed at which the vibrancy fades can sometimes leave me considering a much more subdued tone. From using a specialist colour shampoo to the various colour masks I have collected over the years, nothing seems to brighten and deepen my barnett as much as I want.

My latest purchase, Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner in Copper promises to “achieve a rich copper tone on colour treated hair.” Not only does this conditioner enhance colour, it is also helps to reduce frizz, add shine and deeply nourish damaged hair.

Not heard of Evo before? To be honest, the brand only came to my attention last year when we looked for a brand to use at So Coco Rouge, and now it’s one we often use on shoots. With uniquely named products, including Love Touch (Shine spray), Liquid Rollers (Curl cream) and Root Canal (Volume spray) and simple, modern packaging alongside products that actually work,  Evo is now a favourite amongst UK hair salons. Founded in Australia in 2004, Evo‘s “mission is to create innovative, salon only products that are simple, luxurious, effective to use and that make people smile” and I’m pretty sure they have met this mission already.

Available in 7 shades, Fabuloso is seriously simple to apply. Wash hair as normal, towel dry and comb through. Depending on hair length take 4-8 pumps of conditioner (I have shoulder length hair and used 6) and comb through from roots to ends. I focused the majority on the ends, as this is where my colour fades most. Then its time to wait! 3 minutes of shower scrubbing later and its time to rinse!

One blow dry later and my hair is looking much healthier and definitely revived. A great way to quickly enhance your colour for a special occasion, or a valuable bargain to ease the far too regular salon appointments!

Available in 7 shades- Copper, Mahogany, Purple Red, Chestnut, Caramel, Light Beige and Platinum Blonde.

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