No7 Ta Dah Campaign

As many of you will know, I have been working closely with No7 for almost a year now, as a online beauty expert and as part of the social media team from Oscar Mike.
This week the latest No7 ad campaign is released, and it’s a little different from their previous ones!
Prior to the release of the new campaign, over at the No7 Facebook page, we have been celebrating No7’s heritage by looking back into the archives and celebrating original products and famed adverts. It’s been amazing to see how many women have used No7 since it launched back in 1935, with some who have solely relied on No7 for their make-up and skincare needs their whole lives!
I started my own make-up career at the Liverpool Boots store, ten years ago next month (its scary how time flies isn’t it!) and originally worked mainly on the fragrance counter, which was situated opposite the No7 counter. Like a bee round a honey pot, I was constantly over there, swatching lipsticks, watching the advisors giving make-overs and generally in wide-eyed awe of the atmosphere. When I was first building my make-up kit, it consisted of many No7 gems- such as the eyeshadow trio’s, lipsticks and blushers.
So, it seems pretty apt that I work with the brand on a daily basis now, and my passion for No7 will never falter.

Well, lets get back to present day, and the exciting campaign No7 have for us this week- which features REAL WOMEN. No models, no celebrities, just real women. All of which have NOT been airbrushed, re-touched or altered in any way. Just simple lighting, gorgeous make-up and beautiful women. Bravo No7!
No7 believe every women should have a Ta Dah! moment- that moment when you look in the mirror and think ‘Wow- I look great’ and step out into the wide world brimming with confidence- and why shouldn’t we?! With a skincare and make-up range that provides quick and impressive results from a simple, stress free application, No7 have got my Ta Dah moment nailed.
The TV advert will be gracing your screens tomorrow, but for a sneak peek, head over to the Boots website, where you will also find a mood board app, get the look instructions and the real women’s stories!  Plus, remember to pop into your local store and see these gorgeous images for yourself. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

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