Latest tan- LDN: Skins

If I’m not embracing my natural porcelain tones, I usually jump in the So Coco Rouge tanning room for a Fake Bake spray tan, or if I’m running mega late, a quick coat of Fake Bake 60, but I’m always interested in trying new products. Last year I tried a brand new lotion tan, LDN Skins, and absolutely loved it. But then being the lazy girl I can be, I resorted back to the ease of the tanning room and getting someone else to apply it for me!

Then last week, on a casual trip to the wholesalers to pick up salon supplies, there it was, in all its beautiful gold and red glory.  I chose to purchase the Self Tan Lotion in Tone 2- a more natural finsih for us fairer skinned ladies! LDN Skins is much cheaper than other brands, especially for the quality of tan you get, at the moment you can even pick up the lotion, moisturing lotion and a OPI nail lacquer for under £28!! Bargain!

The team at LDN Skins say –
Influenced by the latest British lifestyle trends, LDN:SKINS is exploding onto the British fashion scene with celebrities and designers acquiring this ‘must have tan’.
LDN : SKINS combines elite professional salon treatments with easy home-use products, to achieve long lasting bespoke  tan tones to suit all skin types.  The  flexible tanning tones have been developed  to naturally tan all complexions. The light lavender fragrance revolutionises the ‘tell-tale smell of tanning’, whilst the light, smooth textures are easy to apply and absorbs rapidly for effortless and flawless results. The innovative, velvet touch, water proof tanning mitt (included with every retail purchase) ensures a streak free, professional application every time. 

Sounds good to me, so lets get tanning!

I prepared my skin by using LDN Skins Foaming Exfoliator, which is packed full of Vitamin E, Orange Flower Oil and Lavender, to gently remove dead skin and deeply condition the skin. Next, I moisturised any dry areas, such as knees, elbows and ankles, with LDN Skins Moisturising Lotion. This again contains nourishing ingredients such as Pseudo Collagen for intense hydration. 

Then, its tanning time! Donning my tanning mitt I applied the tan in long strokes, ensuring I blend well at notoriously streaky areas! After the usual 5 minute awkward position drying time, I got into my ‘tanning onesie’ (oh the class….) and headed to bed (in that outfit, I was OBVIOUSLY alone). Waking up the next morning I was a delicious shade of latte, and after a quick shower, emerged with a sun-kissed glow even Giselle would be envious of. 

One week on, my tan has faded beautifully, without any false tan, tell-tale marks or digestive biscuit smell!
If you are looking for a natural, holiday-esqe reasonably priced false tan, then I would definitely suggest putting LDN Skins on your shopping list!  

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