Happy Birthday BeautyMart!

I absolutely hate supermarkets with a passion. There is nothing to put me in a worse mood than thinking of doing a great big food shop, especially when it involves browsing at the ridiculous amount of product offer. Online grocery shopping and M&S Simply food really are my best of friends.

But there is one ‘Mart’ I enjoy a weekly visit to- BeautyMart

The brainchild of Millie Kendell (As in Ruby and Millie and the reason we can purchase Shu Uemura eyelash curlers in the UK) and former beauty editor at Vogue, Anna-Marie Solowij, BeautyMart is the one stop shop for all things hair, make up and beauty.
If BeautyMart won’t sell it, then you can guarantee its probably not good enough for you to own. 

With products used by beauty experts worldwide, every single item sold here is tried and tested and if it doesn’t make the grade, then it doesn’t go on the shelves. Simple. Basically these girls are taking out the expensive legwork and leaving us with products that will give us the results we so crave.

Price wise, what can you expect? The widest range possible. From budget buys Bourjois and Batiste, to payday treats from GlamGlow and James Read and bonus blowout items such the BabyBelle body buffer.

My local BeautyMart is located within the Liverpool Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, but for the real experience I’d suggest popping to one within Knightsbridge’s Harvey Nichols.  In a rush? Don’t worry, you’ll find the BeautyMart vending machine, full of your favourite items!

So this month join me in wishing BeautyMart a very happy first birthday- we cannot wait to see what you offer us in the many years to come!

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