Henry Holland and Elegant Touch

Although this week I have been sporting more sebduced nails, nail art is still a huge trend this season, and it looks like one that will be around for the foreseeable future!

Heartbreaker Nails

If you struggle creating designs yourself, and don’t have a local salon you can turn to for those occasions that just scream out for a nail art talking point, then from next week you can turn to your local Boots or Superdrug store. 

Nail giant Elegant Touch have collaborated with British designer Henry Holland to create a range of false nails, each featuring a nail art design, inspired by House of Holland collections. 

You can choose from 9 designs, including the understated Classy Nude and Dotty or show shopping Geek Chic, Face Ache and Get Nailed.

My favourite is HeartBreaker, which features a deep nude base with rich red heart shaped tips, and four nails with a broken heart design. I think we can all use our imagine for which fingers in particular these are for!!

Costing under £10, this a great way to accessorise a simple outfit and embrace the latest nail art trend! 

The Henry Holland Elegant Touch Collection

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