PFW SS14 Make-up Trends

Finally- we’ve come to the last post in the SS14 series- Paris! The city I am desperate to visit, for a weekend of jazz, coffee and romance. 
(Can you tell I’ve been watching a bit too much Midnight in Paris?!)

Paris Fashion Week, to me, is all about Chanel, beautiful  elegant Chanel, all wrapped up in a pearl necklace with a tweed jacket.
Well, we are mid way into October, and yet everyone is STILL talking about last months Chanel show. Why?! Well, to say it was bright and arty is an understatement.

Chanel’s former Global make-up director, Peter Phillips, created a rainbow eye, framed with thick black liner. Think blue, yellow, gold, green and pink. Yes. That’s right. At Chanel. 

We’ve yet to hear which products Phillips used to create a well love artists palette on models such as Cara Delevingne, but I’m guessing they aren’t from Chanel’s subtle range. I would hazard a guess that these strong colours have come from the pro favourite, MUFE Flash Palette. These grease paints are packed with colour, and are easily set used loose pigments. 

Next to a slightly more wearable look, from Kenzo. Artist Aaron De May for MAC, created a striking white liner, accompanying bleached brow, nude lashes and bare skin. 

I personally love white top liner, especially when teamed with a bright eyeshadow on a darker complexion- it’s a great way to mix up your usual routine!
My favourite budget white liner is from Barry M, once applied its completely waterproof and smuge resisitant! Try using an angled eyeliner brush from Crown for a precise application.

Finally, another show stopping look, this time from now other than Vivienne Westwood.
Make-up legend, Val Garland was in the head chair here, and her inspiration was- 
‘Girl waiting for bus, getting splattered by mud’. 
So, just your average brief in the world of Westwood.
The only product I would suggest trying this look with is MAC Pro Acrylic Paint. Unfortunately this is only available to professional artists, but to be honest, I can’t see many of you choosing this as your holiday look!

As the SS14 shows now draw to a close, we can return to the 90’s punk movement of AW13, safe in the knowledge that whatever make-up we chose next year, it’s safe to say, one designer has showcased it this season.
So, have fun, be creative and most of all- embrace it. After all, it’s only make-up.

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