Beautiful Brows Kit

As a make-up artist, and one based mainly in the city were bold brows are favourited (before you run in panic, I DO NOT create those famed ‘Scouse Brows’…) strangely I have always struggled perfecting my own.

Just as most make-up artists hate doing their own make-up (honestly, doing your own after making up 100+ people a month just gets dull) I really hate doing my brows. But with unruly, sparse mousy brows, a large forehead and copper hair, something just has to be done on a daily basis. Make-up free day or not.

Luckily for me, at the Olympia Beauty show I got chatting to a lovely lady at Beautiful Brows. I explained my day job and my personal brow issues, and sat down for a two minute brow makeover. Now, I must honestly admit I was terrified. I saw a stencil, a dark brown powder and no way of escape. Surely, she’d hear my scouse accent, see an unruly brow and create the bold slugs my city has unfortunately become famed for. (This has occurred on MANY occasions)

Left- Before.                                Right- After.

About 5 seconds later, a mirror was placed in front of me. One eyebrow finished, one left untouched. And I actually gasped. I’m glad to say NOT in horror. My finished brow was exactly what I have been trying to achieve for months, and the type of naturally defined brow I love creating for my clients. 

Begging her to show me exactly how to re-create this myself, I was surprised to see how simple it was.

Below- Before.      Above- After.

Selecting the ‘Sleek’ stencil, I matched the arch up to my natural arch and held in place, whilst I dusted the brown mineral shadow over the stencil. Removing to reveal a perfect arch and defined brow end, which I then softened ever so slightly, using the clean angled brush. Next, I took the ‘Natural’ stencil and placed this over the bulk of my brow, up to the arch and again, dusted the shadow over the area. 

Voila. Perfect brows in less time than it takes for me to apply my flicks. 

For extra definition, you can also apply the highlighter, a pretty lightly shimmery muted pink, to the underneath of your arch. I personally, keep this for an evening make-up and use a matte, cream shade on a daily basis.

When I returned home and introduced my latest purchase to my mum- who also suffers from brow issues- she was just as excited and eager to try it. Three weeks later, and the kit generally lives by the bathroom mirror- meaning we can both find it easily on those rushed mornings. Neither of us would dare leave without our Beautiful Brows in place!

So, what do you get in this little gem of a kit?! Everything you would need and more. The clever packaging contains a mirror, and areas for the brow shadow shade (5 to choose from, so one for all of you!) and highlighter. You also get three stencils- Sleek, Natural and Bold depending on your brow thickness.
Finally you get a dual ended brush with a angeld end and a fluffy end for applying your brow colour, a hightlighter brush and a set of tweezers- which are just as good as my Tweezerman favourites.

You can buy this kit online for £38.00- it may seem like a big purchase, but honestly, I really couldn’t live without it now.

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