Nars Holiday Collection

I’m sure every make-up artist remembers what first inspired them. For me, it was the thought of working backstage transforming barefaced models into the statuesqe figures that graced the runaway, bringing out womens natural beauty a la Kevyn Aucoin and preparing the stars for the red carpet like Lisa Eldridge.

It has been revealed that famed make-up maestro Francois Nars was in fact inspired by the photogrpahy of Guy Bourdin, which insinuated “a world of dangerous women and intriguing sensual decadance“. Sadly, Nars wasn’t fortunate enough to work with Bourdin before his death in 1991, but this year he has collaberated with Bourdins estate to create a 17 piece collection, inspired by Bourdins colour palette of rich and bright pink, purple, red and blues.

Probably not a collection to show your brides-to-be then…

I however, LOVE this collection, especially the One Night Stand Cheek Palette, Cambodia and Rage Eyeshadows and Exhibit A Blusher.

The cheek palette has now sold out- which isn’t surprising. Consisiting of best selling peach blushers Orgasm and Deep Throat, a pretty pinks, rich plum, a shimmery highlighter and pro favourite Laguna bronzer, this one will be my new kit fave and was a god send in Vegas.

Exhibit A Blush, Cambodia and Rage Eyeshadows

Eyeshadow Rage is a rich yet vivid purple, which I am loving when mixed with Night Clubbing for a new take on a classic smokey eye. (It looks really amazing on brown eyes!)

Cambodia however, is a burnt copper with pink undertones, perfect for making blue eyes stand out. I’ve been applying this mainly to the eyelid and inner corners, adding rich chocolate browns to the outer corners.

Finally, Exhibit A, is a matte red blush, which I’d personally use on darker skin tones or for creative make-up. Probably not something you’d pull out for every client- unless you want to see them dart out of the chair at quick speed!

xhibit A, Cambodia, Orgasm and |Highligter 

I’d recommend heading down to your nearest Nars counter sharpish- because these beauties won’t hang around for long!

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