MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer

I’ve always been a fan of a matte lip, especially a bold red one during the crisp winter months! Like most make-up artists, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on the famed Lime Crime Velevetines,but unfortunately  due to their massive success and demand I’m still waiting my velvet lip fix.
So during a pre-holiday browse in my local Superdrug, just imagine how excited I was to discover budget brand MUA have launched their take on the trend. 
At only £3.00 , MUALuxe Velvet Lip Lacquers provide a ‘long – lasting and kiss proof finish’ so MUA say. Available in five rich shades, from a vampy plum to a bold orange and fuchsia pink. I decided to stick to what I know and love. Red. One bold pillar box, named Reckless, and the other a rich pink tone, called Funk.
The wand, lipgloss style, applicator holds A LOT of product, and I spend the first few seconds removing excess product. This may not be necessary to every user, but as I found myself lip liner-less and at the airport, I needed a small amount of product on a dry applicator to line my lips first. 

Next, I soaked the applicator in the excess product I scraped off only moment before, and applied as usual to my lips. The product immediately feels quite tacky, but as it begins to dry to a matte finish it becomes much more comfortable. Within 5 minutes you wouldn’t know you had it on- ideal for me.

However, velvet finish? I’m not so sure. It’s definitely not in the league of Lime Crimes Velvetines, from the reviews and images I have read. But then, for £3.00 what can we expect?  
Three weeks on and Reckless practically lives in my handbag, and on my lips, on a daily basis. Alongside a low shine lip balm such as Carmex, just to prevent any of the dreaded winter chapped lips. 
Matte? Yes. Long lasting? Most definitely- even after lunch, dinner and drinks. Kiss proof? Can’t answer that one I’m afraid….but then it is the season of mistletoe, so maybe I can let you know about this bit soon! 

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