Published Pieces

When I was a little girl, my other career dream (apart from being Kate Moss’s make-up artist, which is still the ultimate desire!) was to become a writer. The idea of pouring ones thoughts, ideas and visualisations onto paper and creating another world seemed like the career version of a lottery win. 

Little did I know 20 years ago, that blogging would exist when i ‘grew up’- and how thankful I am that it does. Expressing my ramblings on here once a week has relighted my itchy palm and now I’m desperate to put pen to paper once more. So much so, that I have given myself a three year goal  to get my first draft of my first novel done and dusted by the time I blow out 30 candles on my cake.

But, in the meantime, I have been lucky enough to see my written work published outside of my blog, and there is no better feeling that seeing your name ‘in print’.

A chance encounter in the pouring rain outside a late LFW show last season, with editor Francesca Bassenger has led to my fashion pieces have been published on No Boarders Magazine website. 

You can read my work for No Boarders here.
My work has also graced the digital pages of Inveterate magazine, which is described as a Vintage Guide to Modern Culture. Sounds right up my street!

You can read my work for Inveterate here.

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