Every once in a while we get the chance to snap up the latest goodies from our favourite beauty brands in the comfort of our own homes- for a snip of the recommended retail price.

This Wednesday, it’s time for the first OPI  QVC ‘Todays Special Value’ of 2014- and boy is it a good ‘un!
Featuring over £100 worth of OPI professional lacquer and treatment, for around a third of the price, if you are a OPI lover or maybe tipping your first pedicured toe into OPI, this collection should not be missed!

This TSV collection features two of the latest film collaboration-  Muppet’s Most Wanted shades, the rich sapphire, Miss Piggy’s Big Number and the multi-tonal rosy mauve, Kermit Me To Speak. Plus, you also get the rosy gold, rainbow sparkle Rose of Light, a textured glitter which is a gorgeous addition to any manicure. Why not try it on your ring finger!

Kermit Me To Speak
Miss Piggy’s Big Number

Rose Of Light

Speaking of glitter- we all know what an utter pain removing glitter lacquers can be. Sometimes, it takes so long, I avoid glitter all together!

Well, not for much longer- As this week, OPI launch Glitter Off Base Coat!
Simply apply a thin coat as your base and wait for the base to turn clear. Next, follow with two coats of your glitter, textured or dark lacquers- any, which you find tricky to remove!
When you are ready to remove your lacquer, take a cuticle stick and gently push the polish from base to tip. Finally, sweep over nails with Acetone Polish Remover to remove any residue. 
Voila, clean, glitter free nails in seconds!
You can see a demonstration of Glitter Off Here.

Glitter Off Base Coat

Finally, we have our treatments! Multi Award winning nail strengthener Nail Envy and the avocado enriched cuticle oil, Avoplex.
QVC customers already have access to the exclusive cool pink shade of Nail Envy, and now they have another shade to add to their collection- Nude!
This beautiful soft nude shade, compliments all skin tones, and is ideal for wearing a hint of colour whilst treating your nail problems. Plus this is the only place in the WORLD you can try it!

Nude Envy
Original Envy

Whether you choose to wear Original or Nude Nail Envy, it’s important you follow our care routine to see the nail strengthening benefits-


1. Apply two coats of either nude or original envy
2. Apply another coat of envy every other day 
3.Remove on day 7 with non acetone polish remover, file down excess length and start again!

For best results, OPI advise massaging Avoplex oil into cuticles twice a day whether you are following the envy routine, wearing lacquer or not.

So, I’d suggest keeping yourself awake and tuning into QVC as the clock strikes onto Wednesday 16th 2014. 
But if you can’t keep your eyes open, you can also catch the OPI team at 4am, 8am, 12pm and 6pm, but remember- there is only limited stock!

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