Karla Powell Nail Art Charts

As you’ll know if you read this weeks blog, last weekend the amazing Karla Powell was in the So Coco Rouge salon, teaching lots of make-up artists her Lip Art techniques.

Karla brought along her famous Face Charts, which are available in both A4 and A5 sizes from Crown Brush, and her new Nail Charts, which haven’t even been launched yet! 

As I’m not the most artistic girl in the world, I’ve never really used face charts, but the nail charts really intrigued me! When I’m prepping for each QVC show for OPI Nails, I usually use a blank nail wheel, which allows me to play with the products and see the true shade. However, by the looks of it, these A5 Nail Charts would make carrying my own back catalogue of OPI shades even easier!

Karla says– “My Nail Charts are ideal for experimenting with hard wearing nail varnishes, different types of pens to draw nail art designs. The sheets work well with all wet nail varnish formula’s, drying to the nail varnishes true colour. Perfect for swatching nail varnishes too! Each page features a minimal hand outline with short nails , with ample space for notes and the chance to extend the nails into a desired shape.” 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best at staying between the lines when ‘colouring in’ so I was a little worried my nail charts would look like a 5 year old had got their hands on them- but for my 1st and 2nd attempt I’m pretty impressed with myself! 
These charts feature 1 quick coat of polish- please excuse my mini smudge!

The specially designed paper makes painting gloss and textured glitter polishes really simple, and they dry pretty quickly too.

Definitely a must buy for manicurists, and make-up artists prepping for artistic shoots- and certainly one of my favourite buys of the year so far! So next time you tune into one of my QVC shows, remember backstage will be  my little book of OPI nail swatches!

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