Behind the scenes of Doodah Farms first music video

A few months back the lovely lads from the Liverpool based band Doodah Farm booked the So Coco Rouge team for their first ever music video- but when we first agreed to get out magic make-up brushes out, we didn’t expect to end up being in it too. Although,with my camera loving ego- I obviously didn’t need asking twice, and jumped at the chance!

With a plot based around the dreaded ‘beer goggles’ some of us (yes me included) suffer from time to time, the video also ‘starred’ the gorgeous Alice Barlow who I’ve worked with on many occasions including her time on The Voice

As the tale was set in a busy nightclub, we could really go to town with Alice’s make-up. I created dark, sultry smokey eyes using rich charcoals and black finishing her look with a neutral lip.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the delightful tones of the Doodah Farm boys- oh and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for a certain ginger Rougette….
PS- Yeah, my hands still killing me from that heck of a slap! 

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