Something a little different..

As most of my regular readers would have guessed by now (or so I hope!!) my little corner of the Internet has always been dedicated to all things fashion and beauty. I’m lucky enough to live out my dream career in the beauty and fashion industries, and as a lover of putting pen to paper, this blog has been the perfect hobby, and a way to relax after a heavy day of lugging around my immense kit.
But, today I’ve decided to share a little more with you.  So please bare with me if it feels like I’d led you astray!

I’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to always get the job opportunities I have wanted- even if I haven’t gone after them in the first place. But then, actually, I don’t really believe in being ‘lucky’, I believe that we make our own ‘luck’ through working hard and constantly striving to improve. And a generous dollop of ambition doesn’t go a miss either.

For example, I have always loved passing on my make-up artistry knowledge, and could see teaching in a local college to those who could not afford the teaching I was blessed to have, in my future. Then, last year I receive a phone call from my post-school beauty college, offering me the fashion make-up teacher role. No application, no interview, no hard sell presentation. 
The job was mine.

And this is only one of many things that have occurred in my 27 years- seriously the list is endless. It’s only now I’m realising it.

More recently, I’ve been reading the widely discussed book ‘The Secret’. After downloading it first last summer, I read and re-read the first few chapters before putting it down utterly confused. But, a few weeks ago everything changed. I had a bizarre urge to start reading it again, and I honestly have no idea where the urge came from.

And boy I’m glad I did. Coincidence or not, I have been feeling like the happiest girl in the world since. And no, I haven’t come into enough cash to get my own place, had a handsome man fall head over heels in love with me or won a Range Rover Evoque (although all these things ARE happening this year) 

If you have ever read Rhona Byrnes books, I think you might agree that at times is quite OTT and a little hard to take in- probably the reason I put it down so frequently last year!
However, after reading fellow scouser and beauty lover Scouse Bird blog on the topic, my mind for Asking, Believing, Receiving was set.

Well, back to the here and now.

 I have been desperate to go to Glastonbury for the past few years, and always told myself I’d never be ‘lucky’ enough to get tickets. So last autumn, Myself and my bessie, both fresh as daisies, set up camp ready for the ticket release- 6 computers, 4 phones and a hell of a lot of determination. Two hours later- no tickets.
Cut to the scene in my living room last weekend- not long out of bed, hangover from hell kicking in, alone, 2 computers, 10 minutes and re-sale tickets booked and paid for.

Say what you like about having a Positive Mental Attitude, but if it’s helping me make a life my dreams are made of, then long may mine continue!

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