OPI AW14 & Coca Cola Launch

Well what a day I’ve had!

Bright and early this morning I made my way from the beautiful (but rainy) banks of Kingston and headed to the swanky St Martins Lane Hotel, for the official OPI AW14 and Coca Cola launch.

Featuring a stunning video presentation from OPI Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann and a plethora of manicurists on hand to enable us to try the shades before anyone else, the event was attended by a whole host of beauty journalists and fellow bloggers.

Suzi began her presentation with some interesting facts, all of which came to light through the Pink Report 2013-2013 ‘Nailed: The allure of nail colour. 

For example, can you believe 99% of women asked, admitted they were addicted to nail lacquer? (I am DEFINITELY in this group) 

Or that our favourite shades are pink, followed by muted beige’s or hot reds?! 
This survey also found that 75% of women voted OPI their favourite nail brand- so it’s nice to know I’m in good company!

Right! Lets start with the Coca Cola Collection, which I touched on last week. With 9 shades that represent Coca Colas best selling drinks, it’s easy to see why these two brands collaborated- they both provide ‘Happiness in a Bottle’.

Up first is my favourite, the classic ‘Coca Cola Red’, which is a creamy gloss shade like the muted cream ‘ You’re So Vain-ill a’ , bubblegum pink ‘Sorry I’m Fizzy Today’ and bold tangerine ‘Orange You Stylish!’.

For your purple lovers, they also have the gorgeous grape tones ‘Get Cherried Away’ and the deeper vampish ‘A Grape Affair’

For those of you who really like to make a statement you’ll LOVE metallic green ‘Green On The Runway’, striking silver ‘Turn On The Haute Light’ and the blackened red sparkle ‘Today I Accomplished Zero’.

I’ve heard on the ‘grape vine’ that when I launch this collection on QVC
 next month, we may even have  a special set of miniatures too- perfect for taking your salon mani on your jolly holidays!

So, what will we be wearing come AW?! Well, if you’re like me, a different manicure shade per week- I am absolutely in love with every shade in the Nordic Collection and want to wear it ALL. And I want to wear it NOW!!

Suzi introduced the collection through a stunning video, featuring ethereal looking goddesses, their long blonde locks 
pulled back into plaits and braids. Dressed in a palette of soft, earthy tones in sheer fabrics teamed with gunmetal ‘armour’, they provoked thoughts of Nordic Warrior Princesses, as they ran through dampened Greenland and deserted beaches.

The palette of colour used in the Nordic collection is inspired by nature and the visual surrounding of the Nordic region, including the famed Northern Lights and the iconic pastel painted houses found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My absolute favourites are the pastel tones, mint green ‘My Dogsled Is A Hybrid’, feminine pink ‘Suzi Has A Swede Tooth’ , the vivid coral ‘Can’t AfJord Not To’ and the deep indigo ‘Do You Have This Colour In Stock-Holm?’. These shades are perfect for Summer too, so make sure you grab these early when they launch in August!

For the colder winter months we have a warming palette of spicy browns, rich wines and warm golds.

The sparkly wine ‘Thank Glogg It’s Friday’ , deep burgundy ‘Skating On Thin Ice-Land and ‘dark plum ‘Viking In A Vonderland’ are to me, the perfect Christmas shades- whether I’ll be prepared to wait that long, we will see!

Finally we have metallic gold ‘OPI With A Nice Finn-Ish’, super sparkly ‘My Voice Is A Little Norse’, cinnamon coffee ‘How Great Is Your Dane’,  iced caramel ‘Going My Way Or Norway’ and the rich chocolate ‘Ice-Bergers And Fries’ 

Wow-What a collection! 

There was just enough time for a cheeky manicure from OPI Nail tech Lee, and a quick pose in front of the gorgeous Nordic Images with my colleges Niki and Siobhain before I headed back up north…… Luckily for me, with two both collections in toe.

Why do I have a feeling a lot of my female friends may be popping in this evening?! 

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