Sparkling New Smile

For a few years now, I have been desperate to have my teeth whitened. But for some reason fear has always got in the way. Well, fear and a lack of funds- it’s always seemed just that bit out of budget.

But, recently, we decided to rent our gorgeous little beauty room at So Coco Rouge out to fellow beauty professionals, such as dental nurses.

This weekend, the lovely Lauren from Sparkling Smiles joined the salon for a day of teeth whitening- and I jumped at the chance of being first in the hot seat.

Firstly, Lauren and I discussed the procedure and compared my teeth to the shade guide. It was decided I was shade 18- which thankfully was around average. So all that coffee drinking hasn’t done me too much damage then!

Next, Lauren protected my gums with a paint on gum shield, before applying the whitening accelerator and placing my mouth beneath an LED lamp for 20 minutes. Ipod in, Kasabian playing and a chance to catch up on 20 winks it was.

This process was repeated again, leaving my teeth noticeably whiter and brighter, (I’d actually jumped to shade 6!!), so obviously I was one happy bunny!

Lauren is back in the salon on the evening of Thursday May 29th. Her services cost £59 per person, or two people for £99. You can book in by calling the salon on 0151 708 7245.

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