Kryolan Illusion-new shades!

Way back in December I introduced you to my favourite new highlighter- Kryolan Illusion.
At the time this gorgeous cream-golden toned cream was only available in one shade, but I’m exited to tell you, we now have 8 stunning tones to try!

Whilst I was in London last week, I popped into make-up artist heaven Charles Fox and enjoyed a good old play with the latest offers from Kryolan. Some of the new shades may seem a little ‘out there’ as highlighters go,  including the deep bronze ‘Nappa’, dark rose ‘Velours’ and lilac ‘Chiffon’ but when worn correctly, they look stunning. Try sweeping these shades across eyelids or pat onto lips either alone or over lipstick for a multi-tonal finish.

For a gorgeous shimmery cheek this summer, try buffing peachy shades ‘Cashmere’ and ‘Organza’ from apples up towards the top of cheekbones. If we are lucky to have subtle kiss of the summer sun, these shades will instantly rev up our bronzed complexions.

If not, we always have ‘Silk’, ‘Satin’ and my original fave ‘Velvet’, which when buffed onto the tops of cheekbones, cupid’s bow, collarbones and even down the centre of our legs, give a gorgeous glamorous glow and enhance our natural bone structure, however milk-bottle our complexion may be.

The real bonus? illusion is now available in either a 5 or 8 palette, perfect for those of us wanting to try a combination of shades, or for us pro’s who are constantly looking for new ways to avoid a back-breaking heavy kit!

Available from Charles Fox, in store and online now!

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