Benefit The POREfessional

At the grand young age of 27, I have noticed my first wrinkles. And unsurprisingly I’m not impressed.
Alongside these fine lines (damn being such a smiler), I’m also starting to notice my pores are appearing enlarged in my T-zone, particularly on my forehead.

Luckily for me, within days of this grim discovery, the latest issue of Elle dropped through my letter box, with a lovely little treat from Benefit. Their famed The POREfessional, which is currently the UK’s number 1 selling primer.

Claiming to Quickly minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines’ the oil free formula contains vitamin E and can be applied under or even over make-up. 

A relaxed lunch time catch up with my cousin (who is lucky enough to be moving to the Carribean this week!) was the ideal chance to try The POREfessional. 

Following the instructions helpfully supplied on the Benefit website, I applied a pea sized amount of the silky feeling primer from the centre of my face in a patting motion. I focused on my T-zone leaving very little applied to cheeks and hair and jaw line.

Next, I followed with No7 Stay Perfect Foundation and No7 Match Made Concealer mixing in a little of my all time favourite highlighter Benefit Moon Beam.

Unfortunately, Moon Beam has now been discontinued, but Girl Meets Pearl will offer a similar finish. 

For a subtle shimmer and a touch of definition, I sweeped yet another discontinued Benefit beauty, 10, over cheeks, before finishing with California Kissin lip gloss. This blue-tinted lip gloss tastes minty fresh and even makes teeth appear brighter and whiter- but luckily doesn’t turn your lips blue!

After a good long catch up, and 12 hours of make-up wear, my complexion was still perfect. A little shine in my t-zone, but as I had not powdered my base, I think that’s pretty impressive!

Benefit The POREfessional is £24.50 and available nationwide.

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