A new sunny life

Whilst I am sat at the So Coco Rouge reception desk, peering out into the deary and dull May weather, it’s comforting to know one member of my family is enjoying the sunshine.
Well, a little more than sunshine- Caribbean sunshine in fact.
Yes, my lucky lucky cousin and her lovely hubbie, this week upped sticks and headed to the beautiful Caymen Islands to start their sunny new life! 
Any room for a little redhead in that luggage guys?!
Pre wedding pampering
Suzanne, her brother Mike and I

Suzanne, is the gorgeous bride I had the pleasure of pampering for her Vegas wedding last year, and her love for the USA goes far beyond getting hitched there! As far back as I can remember, she’s been determined to get out there and live the American dream. And this is the first tip toe into that fantasy. 

Suzanne and I grew up together,  almost like sisters, and as an only child, there is nothing more special than that precious relationship, and that of the one I have with her wonderful brother Mike. From days spent playing with barbies for an endless 12 hours to the ones spent declaring ‘war” across her parents landing, complete with trenches built with goose down feather pillows, our’s was a childhood built on countless happy memories.
After over ten years working in the beauty industry, (and she’s only 24!! They start you making tea in salons ultra young!!) ambitiously working her way up from spa therapist to a 5* spa manager and national skin care trainer, she’s off for pastures new, and I’m sure a wonderful new job! I’m now simply and selfishly hoping her new job role has a make up artist opportunity available nearby! 
Any new life, needs one hell of a send off! So last weekend we spent a full day plus a special evening spent with family, celebrating the end of their UK life and the start of their new US adventure. Amongst many, many, many tears. 


Rocking my favourite deep red lip was a must, and with a red lip, comes a flick!
These are my favourites when creating my signature winter look….Yes, I know it’s May- but have you looked out the window?!

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