Ombre Locks

For the past 18 months everybody from Kimmy K, Alexa Chung and Drew Barrymore has rocked the ombre hair trend. Leading to the majority of So Coco Rouge clients embracing the trend. 
And boy have I been jealous. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my vibrant red locks, but there is something special about those rich chocolate roots gradually toning into caramel blonde ends. 


After lots of thoughts and endless searching on pinterest for ‘Red to copper ombre’, I brought up the topic with our extremely talented hair Rougette Kelly. We agreed we had never seen a well done red-copper ombre, so thought it was time we showed the world how it was done.


For those of you who have never experienced a 5 hour long ombre application, it goes a little like this…. Root colour, vigorous back combing, bleach foils applied to ends, crying in pain as backcombing combed out, final toner applied to end colour, cries of joy at your gorgeous new locks!

Can’t beat a good Saturday night Blow Dry!

Now, I just have the job of keeping these locks looking so luscious every single day.

Anyone fancy hiring me a live in hairdresser?!


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