Throwback Thursday…to 2009

This past week I’ve been having a good old sort out. Well, an online sort out, but that still counts as a Spring clean in my book.

Whilst I was tidying up my very very old Facebook page (which is now nearly refurbed- so I’d LOVE you to give it a ‘Like’ by clicking here.) I discovered a post from back in March 2010, which cast my mind right back.

Five years back- to 2009- when I was living the high life with my bestest friends, in our penthouse apartment in a converted cotton mill, a mere drive away from beautiful Didbsury in Manchester. I was working riduclously hard as a freelance make-up artist, surrounded by a wonderful group of fellow creatives and an equally lovely boyfriend. Oh how life changes!

Back in the Blonde old day! (I’m on the left btw)

One of those make-up buddies, was the talented (and very bubbly!) Sarah Morten, who I worked with on many occasions including a rather creative music video, for the Manchester band  ‘Ten Bears’.


From painting them gold, to sticking feathers EVERYWHERE, and creating what felt like hundreds of glitter lips, this was a music video unlike any other. 

Luckily, the video is still available on You Tube, and I would definitely suggest checking it out! Not only to see our creative skills, but the song is pretty darn catchy too!

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