Women In Their Own Words

Tuesday is usually my quietest day. The one I usually spend staring aimlessly at the busy week ahead, wondering how exactly I’m going to inject some social excitement into a life spent making women feel beautiful for theirs. 
Tuesday is also the day I spend catching up on any intriguing social media I’ve missed out on over the weekend. And how grateful I am, that last Tuesday lunchtime I was grazing through my Twitter time line- when my index finger stopped scrolling on a tweet from @FemaleBloggerRT.
The tweet in question was from Sarah-Jane Darcey, a successful writer specialising in Fashion and Lifestyle, with a CV any aspiring writer would be envious of, who has recently launched Women In Their Own Words
I don’t need instructing twice- so I put the kettle on, grabbed the biscuit tin and off I headed to http://womenintheirownwords.com/ for a good old nose.
An hour later, after reading the site from ‘cover to cover’, I was hooked- and perhaps Darcey’s biggest fan.
I have always had a secret passion for writing, in fact it was my dream job in my infant years before I discovered the magic of make-up, but have always shied away from anything other than blogging, fearful of my amateur style and lack of knowledge. Browsing through the plethora of stories on the site, all supporting and encouraging women to write, I finally felt the urge to write something different.
45 minutes, 2 cups of tea and a whole packet of choc-chip cookies later- a personal piece about one of my best friends and business partner Robyn was complete. Before fear kicked in any further, I attached the piece to an email and pinged it off the Sarah-Jane, sure my reply would contain the words ‘Not good enough’.
So, imagine my surprise (in fact it was near tears of joy, I’m such a weepy one these days…) when Sarah-Jane asked to feature the piece on her website that coming weekend.
As much as I would love you to head over to Women In Their Own Words solely to read my outpouring, I seriously recommend taking a little more time to explore the wonderful wealth of information on the site.
You never know, it might just give you that little bit of faith you need.

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