Feasting at the farm

Who would of thought I’d spend my bank holiday weekend (yet another one…where have all these bank holidays come from?!) in a muddy field, wearing an anorak and wellies, drinking from a pineapple and attempting to ‘rave’ with my collection of glow sticks to a load of New Order and Joy Division classics.
But that’s exactly what I did. Followed by a slightly hungover morning of strawberry beer drinking and chilli jam eating, thankfully this time in the sunshine.
Why were these my bank holiday activities?! Because it was time for our local food festival- Farm Feast, and their first music festival Livestock, both held at Claremount farm on the Wirral. 

I love food and drink festivals- You get to meet lots of local suppliers, try new food and drink and it’s a fantastic excuse to get out in the great outdoors! Even if I’m not the biggest fan of outdoor wear- but being ‘style spotted’ by Regatta is always a bonus!

This year, three of my favourite Liverpool drinking holes also got involved- AlohaBerry and Rye and Ship and Mitre, meaning I could indulge in my favourite beverages all weekend long, whilst exploring the farm!
Muddy times at Livestock
Sunny Farm Feast

During this exploration, I came across Riverford, who deliver fresh organic fruit and veg boxes every week. I’ve been angling after Abel and Cole boxes for a few months now, so finding a face to chat to from a rival company was right up by street, and I’m now very excited for my first veg box to land on the door stop next week!


So if you fancy a day of trying lots of new local grub, try and get down to your local food festival this Summer- I know you won’t regret it!

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