Manicure Ideas

Most of you probably know by now, a big part of my job involves working with top nail brand OPI on the UK shopping channel QVC, and the reason I love this job so much, is because I seriously do adore OPI nail lacquer. And have done, since my mum first let her ‘play’ with her beloved OPI collection.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend the AW and Coca Cola launches, (which you can about here), and since I’ve been having a really good play around with the shades in the salon
My Karla Powell Nail Charts have proved very handy, when choosing the shades to try next, as you can see!


There is lots of ways of wearing your manicure-  for example, I’m still a big lover of a ‘ring finger’ mani- wearing a complimentry or contrasting shade on your ring finger which differs from the other fingers, and there is lots of combinations to choose!

Top- My Dogsled Is A Hybrid’, with ‘Suzi Has A Swede Tooth’ on the ring finger, both from the AW Nordic Collection.

Left- ‘Thank Glogg It’s Friday’, with ‘Do You Have This Colour In Stock-Holm’ from the AW Nordic Collection. Ring finger finished with ‘Gaining Mole-mentum’ from the Muppets Collection.

Right- ‘A Grape Affair’ with ‘Get Cherried Away’ from the Coca Cola Collection, ring finger finished with ‘Muppets World Tour’ from the Muppets Collection.

Or perhaps you prefer the AW 2013 trend of a contrasting forefinger and thumb?  
My personal favourite is this skin tone inspired manicure- using a number of neutral shades and gradually working from light to dark or visa versa.

L-R, ‘Your So Vain-illa’ from the Coca Cola Collection, ‘How Great Is Your Dane’,  ‘Going My Way Or Norway’ and  ‘Ice-Bergers And Fries’ from the Noridic Collection.

So go on- have a play and see what type of mani you can create!


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