Yellow by Design Guest Blogging

If you told me last year, I’d become an avid fan of taking public transport to work every day, I’m pretty sure I would of burst out laughing. Probably crying with laughter in fact.
There was nothing I hated more than the thought of a hot bus, full of children on the school run and suited businessmen and women on their daily commute to their desks. Especially not when you carry a ridiculous amount of make-up and beauty products around with you.
Then I discovered they had WiFi. Yes, such a simple addition as a bit of free internet made me do a 180. Ridiculous I know. But this little bit of WiFi meant that I could spend 60 minutes a day reading blogs rather than staring at the traffic in front. An easy choice to make!
And if it hadn’t of been for this bit of bus WiFi, I wouldn’t have found myself engrossed in TV presenter Pollyanna Woodward’s blog Yellow by Design. Or come across her call for guest bloggers.


Before I’d even arrived home for an early evening glass of vino, I’d emailed the YBD team examples of my work and kept all my fingers and toes crossed that they liked me.

Luckily for me, they did! Last week, my FIRST EVER guest blog was featured on Yellow by Design!
I won’t give anything away, but I personally think it’s quite the hot topic I’m discussing, so why not head over there and see for yourself!

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