East Avenue Bakehouse

My best friend loves bread. I mean SERIOUSLY loves bread. So, it was only a matter of days before she dragged my carb loving self to see Liverpool’s Bold Street’s new resident. East Avenue Bakehouse.

Before we were even in the door, I could see all the foodie delights they had to offer with a window adorned with homely baskets filled with freshly baked bread. If it wasn’t for the fact it was a Saturday evening and we had a night of cocktails ahead, I would have been highly tempted to pick up my weekly loaf there and then. Goodbye cheap supermarket bread, for good!

photo_1photo photo_4


After taking in the gorgeous homely sights of the Bakehouse surroundings, it was time to get lost in the mouth-watering menu! There is so much to choose from at the Bakehouse- from sharing platters, soups and even our local favourite Scouse, plus unsurprisingly, a large quantity of bread heavy dishes! I chose the Spring Lamb Trencher, whilst my lovely friend Sian (I know, not often you find two of us) plucked for the veggie Marinara Trencher, accompanied with a bottle of their house wine. Not only do the Bakehouse use amazing food suppliers, the house wine is supplied from a family run business, or so I hear. Well, I’m in love with the East Ave guys already!

photo_3photo_1 (1)  photo_4 (1)


Well, as predicted our main course and wine choice was simply delish! So delish, we had to sit and savour the moment for a good hour, over yet another bottle of wine, whilst admiring the desert board.

After much thought, we decided on a slice of Hummingbird Cake and the Trio of Chocolate Mousse. Now, if you have eyes bigger than your belly, like us, you can DEFINITELY share the chocolate trio. Our poor cake was left half eaten after we devoured our Dark Chocolate and Orange, Milk Chocolate and Mint and White Chocolate and Rosemary treats. If they are on the menu next time you take a visit, you MUST try them!

photo_2 (1) photo_3 (1)


A good three hours after our hungry tummies wandered in, it was time to leave. Much to our disappointment! But, before we left, there was just enough pennies left to treat myself to a handful of Mint Chocolate Macaroons, which had been calling to me since we arrived.

It’s not every Sunday morning that you wake up with a killer hangover, to find you went to bed scoffing macaroons….

Anyway, I would highly recommend paying East Avenue Bakehouse a visit next time you are in Liverpool plus if you own an Independent Liverpool card you can grab a pretty good discount too!

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