MAC Brow Collection

There is nothing I hate more than a ‘Scouse Brow’. Yes, I know you all think these block black brows, which resemble the work of a Sharpie are all but a myth- but alas no. They exist.
Robyn and I trying a Scouse Brow at Halloween!

Luckily, they are not as common as you’d expect. Many ‘Scouse’ girls do have very defined, and sometimes dark brows, but they are not as bold as the stereotypical look made infamous on Desperate Scousewives. 

(Oh how I cringed when that monstrosity made the airwaves!)
The trend for thicker brows seems to be moving south, with bolder brows on every corner. From Kate Middleton, to Cara Delevigne, everyone is framing their face with a bushy brow. I fear it won’t be long before we all resemble Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. 
But if you are a bold brow lover, then you’ll no doubt fear a hot, humid summer and be famed for keeping your head way above water when taking a dip. Nobody wants their brow slipping down their cheek now do they?!
Thankfully, MAC have recently re-launched their Waterproof Brow Collection, after a brief stint in stores last January. The collection consists of four must-haves- one of which, I’ll admit, scares the living daylights out of me.
 Which one? The Fluidline Brow Gelcreme, which worryingly resembles their Fluidline eyeliner. Gel liner brows? Please no! 
Like their eyeliner, the formula is waterproof, long wearing, applies smoothly yet dries quickly. As with eyeliner, you’ll need a good brush, and their 208 Angled Brush will be ideal.
Now, I’m sure when I get my hands on this I’ll be a convert. Especially as it’s available in three natural shades (Redhead, Dirty Blonde and Deep Dark Brunette). But, I fear this is a product more suited to us pro’s- rather than a brow product virgin. Left in the wrong hands we’ll be seeing ‘Scouse brows’ all over the shop.
Next, we have Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. Created in 6 shades, this brush on gel is ideal for a more natural look. Simply sweep through brows for a subtle look, or reapply if you prefer a little drama. 
Finally, we have Brow Set, which to be honest is just an over priced clear mascara. MAC claim Brow Set is perfect for brushing brows into shape, leaving a natural but glossy sheen. Personally, I swear by Collection clear mascara, a steal at only £1.99, so I can’t see me being swayed by this one.
Whatever, type of brow takes your fancy, it looks like the fuller brow trend isn’t over just yet. 

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