3D Lipo

In a mere weeks time, I plan to be rocking a pair of denim shorts, a floral crown and a teeny tiny crop top. At 27?! I hear you cry.
Yes, I know. Talk about mutton dressed as a 12-year-old lamb, but if I don’t bow down to Mutton-esqe behaviour now, I’ll definitely be a laughing-stock doing it when I’m well over the mid thirties hurdle. Or so it feels anyway. 
But why in a weeks time? Well, this Summer I’ve been one very lucky bunny and I’m taking a month off work, and heading to Glastonbury festival followed by 3 weeks of European backpacking!
After weeks of hot-yogaing and ‘slightly’ watching what I eat, I’m still not feeling ‘crop-top ready’- and this is where the utter genius (or so I hope!) of 3D Lipo comes in.
Yes, following in the footsteps of Coleen Rooney and co- I spent one Monday lunch time 5 weeks ago been lipo’d at Malinki in Liverpool.
The gorgeous Katy (who was an original Rougette!) was my therapist, and explained the treatment fully before the procedure took place. I would be having the Cryoliposis treatment –

Using an intense cooling system, Cryolipolysis is the most powerful treatment used to physically destroy fat pockets. Using a medical device to target specific areas of fat, its main purpose is to kill & destroy 40-60% of fat cells in one session. The exposure to cooling is set to -6º so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The procedure is known as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. This treatment is so powerful it continues to destroy fat cells for a further 4-6months & can only be administered on one area at a time once every 6months.”

Sounds good to me!!

Katy applied a gel patch to my stomach, before placing a plastic cup, attached to the 3D Lipo machine over the upper part of my tummy prime crop top display area!!

The area quickly went numb and cold, and after a few minutes of discomfort, wasn’t painful at all. After 20 minutes or so, Katy removed the cup, leaving my stomach freezing to touch and bright red! Luckily, all went back to normal within 15-20 minutes.



Then it was time to wait it out!! 5 weeks later, I dig out my old tape measure, pretty sure there isn’t much difference.

Much to my delight and surprise, it’s revealed I’ve lost a whole inch from the area! One ‘after’ photo and much scrutinising later, and I come to the conclusion, that there is a slight noticeable difference. Not as much as I’d hoped but then for a quick fix treatment with no need to diet and exercise, what did I expect?!

It’s definitely something I’d consider again in the future and if your intrigued why not take a look and give it a go yourself!

photo (13)

5 weeks after

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