Fingernails 2 Go

Are you getting a little bored of the nail art trend? Or maybe you are like me and suffer with shaky hands and a lack of ability to DIY nail decorate?

Luckily, by heading to your local Superdrug store, armed with £15, you’ll find help is at hand. 

Well, maybe not by hand, but in fact by computerised technology.
Yes, 2014 really is proving to be the year beauty and technology join hand in hand, if Fingernails 2 Go and the Mink make-up printer (more on this soon!) are to go by. 
These digital nail art kiosks intelligently recognise the size and shape of your nail, before transforming your bare nail into your chosen design, using UV polish. 
But what design to choose! With over 1,000 different ideas to scroll through, plus the option of uploading your own, (selfie nails anyone?!) the options are endless.
Fingernails 2 Go kiosks will soon be found in most Superdrug stores, and have recently been a big part of Selfridges #BeautyProject. I haven’t yet had the chance to try them  for myself, but as soon as these beauties find themselves up North, you can guarantee I’ll be there in a flash. Probably the flash from my selfie…

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