What should I look for in a Wedding make-up artist?

There is nothing I love more than a good old Wedding. For a permanently single girl, it’s so lovely to get an insight into our gorgeous Bride’s big day’s and hear how they met their beloved other half. Weddings get me all giddy with excitement!
So Coco Rouge Brides
On average, we have around 25 wedding bookings a year at So Coco Rouge, and have done for 7 years…. meaning next year we will work with our 200th bride! Now that is a lot of veils, flowers and beautiful white dresses!
In the past two years three of my closest friends have/will get hitched (Robyn’s nuptials are now a mere 4 months away now!) and I have come to question how a bride chooses the suppliers to make her fairytale come true. It’s the little things that matter after all.
So, what should you be looking for in your make-up artist?
Personally, I think the most important factor, is choosing someone you get along with. I’m not talking someone you hope to become your best friend- but someone you will feel comfortable having in your own home for a large proportion of the most important day of your life.
Plus, you must feel comfortable enough to raise your thoughts and concerns at your trial. There is no point booking an artist, however talented, if they intimidate you and leave you with a look which isn’t completely ‘you’.
Most suppliers will offer a complimentary consultation first off- this is a great chance to meet your artist and discuss your day. If your artist is anything like us, they will become ultra excited discussing your day with you!
To us, make-up is a small part of a huge jigsaw- but a part that completes and compliments the picture. Therefore, we ask about every single detail of your day.
If your artist starts asking about the types of flowers, style of photographer and tone of the grooms suit, don’t be alarmed! They aren’t being nosey, they just want to know as much detail as possible to start designing a look to suit you and your day.
It’s also a good idea to wear your day-to-day make-up to a consultation, enabling your artist to see your usual style. Bringing along pictures or pinterest boards are also a great way of explaining the type of look you are comfortable with.
Next up- your trial! Ideally 4-6 weeks before the big day! Try and organise your trail alongside either a dress fitting or a special occasion (your artist should happily change your look to prevent spoiling the surprise!)
4-6 weeks before is perfect- close enough that all your final details are confirmed, but leaving enough time if you have a complete change of heart on your look.
Plus, it’s probably one of the most exciting parts! Having a little pamper and a gossip about your big day, safe in the knowledge everything is booked and paid for!
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When the day arrives, my biggest recommendation is asking your artist to arrive early. Personally, we also over schedule- you never know what phone calls, messages or presents the bride may need time for that morning! Ideally, we ensure our bride has her make-up finished around an hour and a half before she leaves. This gives a chance to relax, putting your dress on in a calm and chilled environment, plus allowing your photographer enough time to capture those one in a lifetime moments.
No-one wants to miss out on a family photograph in your family home, on your big day,simply because the make-up artist over ran, now do they?
Whoever you choose, make sure you shop around. Ask friends for recommendations, visit the suppliers and have a good look at their social media. 
But most importantly- enjoy every minute of it!

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