A sneak peek behind the scenes at QVC UK

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while now, you’ll know for the past two years I’ve been a gust presenter for nail brand OPI on UK shopping channel QVC. Whilst I’m in the studios, I usually post a few snapshots on my Instagram, twitter and Facebook pages, but this time, I decided a full blown nose ‘Behind the Scenes’ was in order!

Last week, I had my first ever HOUR LONG show. Yes, just little old me, presenter Jackie and our fabulous manicurist Miglena with model Rachel. An hour of talking, pretty much non stop. (If you know me, this isn’t too hard a task to be fair)

During this hour we had a number of products and sets on offer- meaning I needed to prepare over 50 items. Although I know most OPI products inside out, back to front and upside down, it’s always important you really know the colour, tone and effect or benefit of every item you have on air. So preparation is key! I like to make lots of notes in the days before, and can often be found chatting away to myself about the latest collections on my train down to London before the show, to test my memory once more!

photo_1 (1)

Once you arrive at QVC, which is a good 2 hours before your show by the way- we have lots of prep to do when we get to the studio too!,  everyone is so relaxed, friendly and welcoming. It’s nothing like the bitchy, stressful TV studios you imagine. I honestly believe everyone here enjoys their job- they are constantly so happy and smiley, which definitely expels any last minute nerves!

photo_2 (1)

After a good half hour in front of my dressing room mirror, with what looks like the entire contents of my make up collection, I’m ready to head backstage and check the ‘trolley’. This trolley contains everything you’ll need during the show- and if it doesn’t? Then you’ve got plenty of time to sort that out with your producer! Now can you see why we are here so early?!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For our hour show, it was also critical our set was fully prepared in advance. This show was the Uk exclusive launch of the Coca Cola collection, and paramount everything was laid out accordingly for both myself and Miglena.


My view whilst on air!


Getting miked up


Our studio


Then it’s time to be ‘miked’ up! Ever wondered why some Tv presenters look like they have a rather large bum? Well that’s because we wear a pretty big microphone pack or two! I also learnt the hard way as to why you must wear a dress with a large zip or a skirt and top- no-one needs a presenter getting her kit off minutes before air to get her mike pack on!!

Before you know it, it’s live on air! My first hour show was with the absolutely lovely Jackie Kabler, who calmed every single one of my butterflies and mentally held my hand. The buzz and excitement is amazing on live TV- especially when you sell out live on air like we did!


Jackie and I moments before we went live

After what feels like 60 seconds rather than minutes, it’s all over! And back to reality whilst grabbing a quick team celebratory photo with account manager Siobhain, who had been my rock all day long, in he dressing room!


The on air team- Rachael, Miglena and I


All done and dusted!

Now there’s something to think about next time you tune in!

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