My Festival Essentials

I have never ever been to a festival. Well, not a proper one anyway. I’m sure one day festivals were you return to the comfort of a hot shower and warm bed, don’t exactly count.

I have also never ever been camping. So, being the clever girl I am, I’m combining the two and going to Glastonbury.  Talk about jumping into with mud with both feet first. Let’s hope it’s my feet I land on, rather than my bum hey.

You may know that my lovely business partner is getting hitched later this year, and if there one thing we’ll be celebrating numerous times, it’s her ‘hen’ status. So, with 3 core members of So Coco Rouge off to Glasto on a busy weekend, we must make it a hen to remember!

Having packed our pop up tents, a gazebo, sleeping bags and numerous tins of beans, it’s time to turn my focus to my hair, make up and  beauty essentials. And how on earth I’ll fit them in a rucksack. Another first by the way.

Luckily, in utter envy last year, I created my own festival wishlist, which I have pretty much stuck to! You can read them here-

Hair and Beauty.

I’ll be reporting back with my experience, if I survive, as soon as I’ve had a lovely hot shower!

I’m a little ensure of what’s happening to me right now…. Mid twenties life crisis?!





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