3 weeks from a cabin bag- can it be done?!

In yet another first, after surviving 5 nights of camping at Glastonbury, I’m off on my travels! For the next few weeks expect a few travel posts to be thrown in, as I spend the next 3 weeks exploring Europe with my best friend Sam in tow.

With only 3 weeks available to explore the big wide world, we scrapped our original idea of interailing and opted for lots of cheap flights instead. The biggest issue here? The luggage. Can I really fit my life (well, 3 weeks worth of life) into a cabin bag?

Ask my friends and family this and it’s a resounding no. Yet, I’m optimistic. Or foolish, we’ll see!

Now, I personally don’t think taking 10 mix and match outfits, for three weeks of sightseeing, sunbathing, cocktail drinking and German raving is much at all. But my lovely ‘bird in flight’ patterned case apparently disagrees. (The case was a right bargain from Matalan, at £45.00) After many attempts of making things fit- I resorted to those clever bags which suck all the air out. Well, mine don’t exactly ‘suck’ the air out as I doubt every hostel with have a hoover- so instead I sit on them and hope my big bum pushes all the air out! So far, so good!!


Surely a small selection of things?!


Life saving storage bags!


Crammed but ready to go!

Clothes sorted, it’s time to think of my favourite item-my make-up bag! So I obviously need my foundation (2 shades, I’m hoping to return 4 shades darker!!), mascara, a million shades of lipgloss- but wait- they are all liquid. Then I’ve got my shampoo, conditioner, morroccan oil, sun cream, perfume, shower gel etc etc etc. I’m thinking that’s a lot more than the 10 100ml squeezed into a 20x20cm sized bag. Screwed.

So off I went on a hunt for ‘solid’ make-up. After weeks and weeks of searching, with lots of foundations tested and tried, the answer was staring me right in the face. From the hidden depths of my foundation drawer. Max Factor Miracle Touch- Solid to Liquid foundation! All that was left, is to swap my liquid lip stains and glosses, for traditional lipsticks and ‘chapstick’ style balms, and I’m good to go!

Now, lets see if I manage to survive! And manage to repack in each city every 3 days!

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