A sunny old time in the Dam

image image imageWell, after hours of sitting on my case, pushing it into the Easyjet overhead lockers and lugging it around the narrow streets of the Red Light District, we arrived safe and sound at our hostel, The Old Quarter, bright and early Tuesday morning!

Lots of exploring of the winding streets, pretty canals and famous Dutch Flower Market, (whilst popping into every cheese shop to sample their famed produce, topped with mustard- great tip for a free snack!!!) we headed to Bird thai restaurant. Bird, and it’s snack bar opposite, came highly recommended from a number of sources, including the good old Easyjet magazine!

The food here is delicious, I mean seriously delicious. The best thai food I have ever eaten- and it was so good, we went here twice in three days. Says it all really doesn’t it!! Portions are HUGE, so I’d highly recommend sharing a main dish, unless you really don’t want to fit in your holiday clothes!

Tummies full, we headed to Dam Square to join the first of our planned walking tours, with 360 Tours. Tonight’s was all about the Red Light District, and as you can imagine, pretty interesting! We also took the traditional city tour the following day, which again was really interesting and we had a right laugh with our lovely guides! If your on a budget and have a few hours to spare I would totally recommend these guys. A walking tour is also good to get off that excess weight from Bird!!

image image image

In a tour group of 20, shockingly we were the only English girls! But, of course we gravitated towards our nearest neighbours, and made friends with two lovely welsh girls, one of which is studying in Liverpool funnily enough! Lots of gossip later, we headed to Green Room coffee shop famous for its wall of fame. Not a bad way to spend the day, chilling in the sunshine, sharing seats with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. After such a relaxing afternoon catching a few rays, we ended up getting completely lost. I mean absolutely, confusingly lost. It appears we definitely should have paid more attention in orienteering class back at school, neither of us can read this map for love nor money. So after hours looking for a famous Surinease restaurant (I’ve heard this is one of the only places you can try it!) we resorted to a snack at Feebo and a juicy burger at Burger Bar. Feebo, is a little like a McDonald’s. But, rather than order at the counter, you simply insert your money into plastic box and ping! You have hot food. Not the classiest of meals, but a fun concept all the same!

Before we knew it, our last day had arrived! Thankfully for the summer sun was out in full force, keeping us cosy as we queued for 2 whole hours to enter the Anne Frank house. You can book your tickets to this museum months in advance and avoid the queues- so take note!

Our final hours were spent roaming the musuemplein, and admiring the canal boats (and their ridiculously hot passengers) whist sipping wine in the sunshine.

 Not a bad start to our travels, I think you’d agree! Next stop-Berlin!

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