We came, we saw, we partied.

After a rather hellish journey to Amsterdam airport (think horrific train accident, leading to us being stuck in the middle of nowhere, cramming into a taxi with 7 Italian, Thai and Malaysian passengers, and speeding on the highway to the runway!) we arrived in a rather hot and sweltering Berlin. A little different to the miserable rain I experienced here last year then!

Quick check in, and we were off walking once again! I don’t know what’s happened, but I’m suddenly a big fan of walking round these pretty cities- and after an hour and a half of exploring, we ended up joining lots of young Americans, Aussies and Swedish on a free walking tour, with a English tour guide. Not even 6pm and we’ve already boxed off the Berlin Wall, Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate and Hilters Bunker off our to-do list!

Yet the day wasn’t anywhere near over! We headed back to Brandenburg Gate to watch the football. Yes, that’s right, the game I barely ever watch in the UK. But with such an electric atmosphere and a maddening crowd, grabbing a bratwurst, a beer and getting involved seemed like the thing to do! I even managed to get interviewed by a German TV network- only me would have such bad luck! It was then off to meet our good friend Lizzie (a English girl living in Berlin!) for a Apfrol Spritz and a few White Russians!

Saturday arrived and it was time to explore the Berlin Wall- and the amazing East Side Gallery. Whilst here, we also met a rather strange but hot German, who plays the guitar in only his underpants and a horses head. Only in Berlin!

Then it was off to MauerPark for a a BBQ with some new found friends from all over the globe-Spanish, Israeli, German- to name a few! MauerPark is amazing, such a great atmosphere and not a sign of the trouble I’d expect in the UK. A few bottles of screw-top Prosecco later and it was time to party! Forgetting the super clubs frequented by typical UK tourists, we headed to Hermannplatz to an AMAZING speakeasy style club. Walking through a random living room and into a crammed basement, complete with a jazz band playing in the corner. It was simply the best club I have ever been in, and full of people from all over the world living in Berlin. A dance off, chatting to the Holland volleyball team and a cheeky kiss with a Scottish boy later, and we stumbled out into day light for breakfast. Grabbing a picture in one of Berlin’s famous photo booths on our way.

After a rather mammoth sleep, we headed back to Mauerpark for the famous Sunday flea market. You can get anything here, and I mean anything. Need an old bucket full of holes? They have it. Want a collection of old family photos that don’t belong to you? All sorted. But for me, it was jewellery! And if my silly little case would have allowed- a lot of vintage clothes and bags too.

Shopping complete, we grabbed some food stall grub and chilled listening to the hordes of musicians and the infamous bear pit Karaoke. There is no better place to spend a Sunday, I can’t recommend it enough!


Just enough time for a currywurst before we hop on our next flight to chilly CopenhagenCopenhagen! Ahh Berlin, we will miss you!

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