Copenhagen Cider Time

After a super chilled day in Berlin, eating Curry wurst and ice cream, it was yet again time to head back to the airport. Luckily no train crashes this time-just a minor map misread!

After a good old rest at our rather brightly decorated hostel, Annex, we joined yet another free walking tour. It’s becoming a slight obsession now….I’ll be on walking holidays and OAP cruises before I hit 30 I’m sure of it. But it’s a great way to see the important bits of any city, meet fellow ‘travellers’ (oh how I wish my occupation was simply a traveller!) and catch some rays!

Our guide, Canadian Gillian from New Copenhagen tours, introduced us to sights such as the grand Palace square and the colourful harbour I Nyhavn , alongside discussing the history of Denmark, Copenhagen and their most famed figure Hans Christian Anderson. (he wrote the Little Mermaid in case you didn’t know!) From here, we headed off, map in hand to find the  famous Little Mermaid sculpture. Which, is a hell of a lot smaller than you’d expect!

All this walking calls for a drink…. And Copenhagen was rather pricey for their drinks! Not that this stopped us mind.

If you have a few quid spare and a penchant for a G&T and strong cocktail, I would highly recommend The Bird and ChrurchKey and Cock and Cow, which are a couple doors away from each other. Bird and Churchkey serves solely gin and a few types of Danish beer. Now my usual gin of choice is Haymans or Gordon’s sloe, but here their variety of Gin and Tonic’s was huge, so it would be rude not to try something a little more refreshing! I plumped for Girls, which was complete with sweet strawberries. Delish, and definitely worth the 950kr (about a tenner) due to its size.

At Cock and Cow, my rudely (and perhaps aptly..) named cocktail Passion for Cocks, was a full on fruity bourbon mix, which I accompanied with a scrummy thai chicken burger. Perhaps little steep at 25kr (about £27) but hey I’m on holiday.

Chilling with a G&T

Our hostel was located in meat packing district, Vesterbro, which is now known for its quirky bars, underground clubs and slightly seedy sex industry. Or so we heard. We didn’t make it more then 200 yards past our hostel when the men of the area made their perving pretty damn obvious. I’m not talking a quick glance and smile here, I’m talking full on, tongue out, eyes on your bare flesh, groaning noises. Considering we were dressed in long trousers, a high neck top with sleeves, with only an few inches of waist on show- it was pretty unnerving. So being the sensible (and perhaps a little over-protective) girls we are, we headed to the off license and back to the hostel! The guys here were definitely friendlier than those outside!

All flesh covered, it was time to experience another side to Copenhagen- Christiania. This free town, a simple 15 minute from the centre of Copenhagen has a full on 70’s hippy feel, and considering its reputation for recent crime, was surprisingly friendly. Phones and photography are banned at Christiania, so I only have 2 pictures of our time here, but if you are planning a Danish jaunt I’d highly suggest paying this town a visit to see it for yourself. Plus, the market is full of amazing jewellery and you can buy and smoke weed legally in the Green Light District, if your a fan of the stuff!

Christiania ticked off, it was time to experience more of the fabulous jazz being played throughout the city. Luckily for us, we had arrived slap bang in the centre of their jazz festival! There is no better feeling than relaxing in the sunshine, elderflower cider in hand, listening to the young jazz musicians sing the line ‘The sun is high, and so am I’. Right now I’m high on life, that’s for sure.

Right then Budapest, what have you got in store for me?!

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